big sis of your 'ships,
harriet tubman of your sex life.

When you look over your life, what's 3 of the biggest things you've been struggling with? I bet I can tell you.

If you're anything like I've been, then you've been struggling with, Your 'Ships, Your Sex life and Your Money. Am I lying? 

Listen I know this all too well..if it ain't one thing, it's another. And you're tired of it always being the same one thing or the same "anothers". I mean we know that in this life we're all going to go through in our relationships, sex lives and finances, but do we always have to go through the SAME things in our relationships, our sex lives and our finances? I remember this being one of the questions I continually asked my mentors. Like...will we always struggle in our marriage? Will our sex life get any better? Will we ever overcome financial struggles?

At one time when I used to write so many posts on our Facebook page, it seemed like every so many posts were about my struggles in these 3 areas especially financially. I mean, it's definitely nothing wrong with offering encouragement to those going through financial struggles, but I wanted to finally be free of financial struggles while encouraging people instead of going through financial struggles and encouraging people? You feel me?

OK check it..look at some of my past Facebook posts where I was encouraging others financially while I'm going through financially.

Another one...

And another one...


I'm tired of jus lookin back on some of those old posts ok? LOL! But you know what? Finally I overcame every single struggle I wrote about from marital struggles in the same things over and over again, to my sex life being a drag at one point and to my money always being funny. I have successfully overcame every struggle I wrote about. Every single one y'all. And NOW I want to help you do the same.

Do you know why I call myself "The Big Sis of Your 'Ships and the Harriet Tubman of Your Sex Life"? Because Harriet Tubman has always inspired me not only because she freed many slaves but because she first freed herself, became a Big Sis (mentor & guide) to many and led them from slavery to freedom. When our ships' arent right... When our sex life ain't exciting at all. And when our money isn't enough to make financial moves we need to make, doesn't it feel like enslavement? Don't you feel like you can't escape from all the issues in these areas of your life? And tho one area of your life may be more difficult than the other, overall, when these 3 issues gang up on you, it's so overwhelming you can't even see being free of them. Your focus is constantly on what you're going through that it becomes almost impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And Sis, that's where I come in. I'm here to be that Big Sis you need . I'm here to be that Harriet Tubman to show you the way through those tunnels. I'm sorry it's taken me a minute to make what I'm doing more available but jus like the great Harriet Tubman, I had to get free FIRST in ALL of these areas before I can come back to get you. But I'm here now. I'm here to get you from frustration to Liberation. It's time Sis. You ready to be liberated? 

So how does this Mentoring Program work?

I will be holding your hand for 4 weeks and we will go over your 'Ship, your Sex and Your Money. (SS&M). In most of our lives, these 3 things hold the most weight so we will take our time to go over each of them. Now keep in mind this is the 4 week version of the full program which doesn't open until 2020. But we still have the rest of the year to live out, right? Instead of waiting until the New Year to start working on these important things, I decided to create a prelude to one of my signature mentorship programs to help get you on the path to liberation in these areas before the new year even gets here. So why wait for a new year's resolution when you can start now?

So for 4 weeks here is what we'll be covering.


Intro to Program and Tacklin' Your 'Ships.

Struggling with submission? Don't believe you're being treated right in your marriage? Husband ain't actin right? Since our relationships are a pivotal point to everything else in our lives, I will walk ladies through the type of ships they have, the main problems in your ships are having and give action taking steps on how to overcome these main problems. 


Sex & Sexuality.

Bored with Sex? Not being pleased? Not having orgasms? Not having enough Sex?

This week I teach on how to embrace your sexuality in ways to get what you want and need in the bedroom. Time to give that Sex, life!!!


money, Money, MONEY!

Tired of always being broke? More going out than coming in? Don't know where your money is going? Low credit scores? Upside down in your car? Low to no savings? In debt up to your eyeballs? Paying tithes but don't see the windows of heaving opening up and pouring out you a financial blessings? Then this will be the week we get down and dirty about what you make, what you keep, what your debt says about you, how to pay it down and off, how to get your scores up and how to stack paper even if you have debt.


Writing the Vision & "Endless" Q&A!

Now this week we gon tie it all in with some heavy Q&A that covers the last 3 weeks. You got me until every question is answered. Plus, you will leave with steps to take to implement a plan for your liberation in each your "Ships, Sex & Money.

Now Ladies, please don't think that this is jus some group where you come gossip and chat about your struggles and das it. No, this is a group program where as your virtual mentor, I'll coach and counsel you on your way to liberation in those 3 areas you struggle most with... your relationships, your sex life and your finances. So since most of us are already connected online in some form, shape or fashion,  by connecting with me on a more personal level in my mentorship program, you'll get the certified counseling, coaching and mentoring you need to get liberation for your 'Ships, Sex & Money!

 So don't miss when I launch this program because remember...not only does the early bird get the worm, but they get the best deal too. ;) See you soon. Sign up to be notified to apply for the program. ~ OEV


OEV (short for Octavia E Vance) is known as the Big Sis of your 'Ships and the Harriet Tubman of your Sex Life. As a Certified Life & Sex Coach, OEV leads ladies from frustration 2 liberation in their 'Ships, Sex & Money (SS&M). For the past 8 years, OEV has been mentoring, coaching and counseling women on their struggling relationships and their sexually repressed lives. To many online, she's known as a liberator of Struggle Love and of Religious Sexual Repression. With 15 years of marriage under her belt, 5 stair stepping children and 5 books authored, she's the mentor who gets frustrated ladies the liberation they've been looking and praying for. 

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